It's exciting everyday to have a career and a passion work together so wonderfully! As a professional theatre artist/teacher as well as a certified ESL instructor I am overjoyed to share my love and passion for the theater and the English language with students from Europe/Asia/Africa and South America in classroom settings as well as privately with groups and one-on-one.
Using traditional ESL teaching methods and combining them with theatre-based exercises students are engaged intellectually, physically and emotionally to the material through the use of all their senses. As all students have dominant learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic) I tailor each lesson so that every learning style is considered and each student works within their comfort zone but still able to push their boundaries and experience the material on a deeper more personal level. Theatre, art, music, dance and the language arts make it all happen seamlessly.

English as a Second Language Teaching (ESL) 

Seeing you reach your dream of communicating well in the English language and affording yourself more opportunities working in the global marketplace as well as personally by being able to travel internationally with more confidence and ease and also having your thoughts and important concerns understood clearly on social media sites worldwide are the reasons I love being an ESL teacher.
And with years of speech communication & vocal training for the stage my English enunciation, diction and projection make it easy for students to understand and to hear the language clearly.