Through customized drama/arts-centric workshops and professional theatre creations Hive nurtures creative inspiration through play freeing your imagination and opening your world to the endless possibilities that an artistically explored life brings.
Customizing a workshop is always a pleasure and with just a few details of your group's size, interests/desired goals and time availability I'll create the prefect experience to exceed your expectations. The LINKS below bring you to customized programs I've created.
Hive Corporate – Creative problem solving for better communication, efficiency and work/life balance.
Hive Education – Creatively enriching any learning experience (pre & grammar school, high school, university, continuing adult education, language schools, specialty training) with an understanding that a creatively engaged, happy student will learn easier, more quickly, with better retention and develop a life-long love for pursing knowledge and growing personally and professional.
Hive Wellness (Health/Therapy) - In partnership with licensed therapists Hive is a source for helping clients constructively and positively express themselves when traditional therapy hasn’t yielded the results desired. Working with fitness centers to facilitate unique/customized creative-movement classes improving physical, mental and emotional health through fun, easily adaptable sessions (great for all ages and physical limitations.)
Hive Social – Collaboration with social media & local organizations to create fun events for meeting new people (friendship, dating or career networking.)
Hive Spa – Combining the relaxing/healing benefits of spa experiences with arts exploration and development helping theatre groups and other arts organizations more effectively and creatively nurture their work in a physically, mentally and emotionally freeing environment. Spa also offers unique site-specific Sauna Master Plays. (Please click on this link for a sample play).
Hive Theatre - Develop new commercial theatre (directing-playwriting-dramaturgy) works through collaborations with other professional and emerging theatre artists through both devised and traditional methods.
Hive Travel - Fun, creative workshops that complement the natural explorative nature of group travel experiences tailored to fit the trips historic, artistic, nature-oriented, etc. theme(s).
Hive Community - Outreach work with community & senior centers, local governing bodies, sports & school organizations, societies and religious institutions.
Hive Museum/Gallery – Unique, inclusive and site-specific workshops centered on a work(s) of art, exhibits and special events.

Nurturing Creative Inspiration

Theatre is wonderfully transformative bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to experience life more fully and engage in ways that infuse any experience with a lightness and a sense of wonder. As a freelance theatre professional I'm inspired daily to bring my passion for theatre and all art forms into everyday life encouraging others to effortlessly and joyously achieve success and initiate positive changes in the world. 
Inspired by the collaborative and industrious bee, nature's nurturer, Hive's divisions embrace the unique needs of each client working in harmony with them, fostering a team-centric environment and encouraging exceptional personal and professional growth and success.